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For any modern marketing team Marketing Automation is a must have within all industries. Before we move into why, let’s define it.

Marketing Automation is a software platform and technology that assists marketing departments and organisations to streamline and automate marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Galvanising the customer journey, it delivers a consistent and connected experience for the customer.

Why is it a must have for Marketing Teams?

Best-in-Class marketers are 67% more likely to use a marketing automation platform (Aberdeen Group).

Delivering the right message, at the right time, marketing automation delivers useful content and helps to educate customers about it services ultimately qualifying their interest.

As they are nurtured through the funnel and narrowed down by particular interest, the team can use the platform to target with the right message essentially driving more sales leads for the business.

The sales team are happy because they have been passed a lead that is qualified, comprehensive and well-understood. More often than not, ready to purchase.

What are the Benefits of Implementing Marketing Automation?

Ultimately it frees up time and resource for the marketing team to concentrate on other areas that will benefit the business. Here are the top benefits:

·     More focus on strategy

·     Deeper intelligent on customer behaviour through in-depth analytics

·     Personalise response to each customer once the above is recognised

·     Deploy more campaigns in less time

·     Prioritise sales leads

·     Improved ROI

·     What’s worked and what hasn’t can now be answered

·     Predict future investment

Why is now the time for Marketing Automation?

Suited to both B2B and B2C its time to take your sales leads on a journey. Marketing teams need to add this to the toolbox, it will empower the sales team with better leads, and achieve greater ROI.

Having this tool can give them a greater insight into the entire sales funnel and customer behaviour, its absolutely essential in today’s marketing environment that a Marketing Team has the ability to do this.

Importantly, Marketing Automation allows departments to demonstrate the ROI of their campaigns something that hasn’t been easy to do in recent years. More detailed analysis on how each and every campaign is impacting the bottom line means more marketing budget. This tool supports the team to do what they do best, to be creative and execute great campaigns that will drive more leads.

Marketing Automation should be the focal point of any marketing department, a must have in the 21st century.


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