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Marketing Automation helps to personalise and improve user experience, increase engagement and enhance business intelligence.

In order to succeed in the new digital marketing landscape, businesses need to generate leads with the right prospects at the right time. With new technologies such as Marketing Automation, this problem is eased and solved.

Traditional advertising cannot handle what it takes to produce relevant, personalised content to customers throughout the buying process. Customers expect the right communication at the right time and this is exactly what a Marketing Automation platform can help to achieve.

Here’s five ways integrating your CRM with Marketing Automation can you’re your business:

1)   Nurturing

Lead generation is paramount for any marketer but nurturing those leads effectively moving them through the sales pipeline has to take precedence. Joining the CRM with Marketing Automation means you can send relevant communications at the right time to every single prospect. Ultimately this increases qualified leads, conversions and of course, sales.

2)   Business Intelligence

A Marketing Automation platform will help to capture key customer data, meaning personalisation to every potential customer will ensure they receive a seamless brand experience which in this digital age is so vital. Everyone wants to receive a personable service, and the more we know about the customer, the more we can personalise the communication.

3)   Prioritise Leads

The best Marketing Automation software offers lead scoring. This scores leads on their certain behaviour, this way you can prioritise the leads that are most likely to make a purchase. Pass the sales team the most qualified leads helping them to close more sales.

4)   Reduces Response Time

The faster the sales team reach out once a lead comes in, the better your chances of connecting with the prospect at their time of need and essentially, closing the deal. At the moment response time is a problem because of either manpower or process delays. Marketing Automation software solves these problems via auto responders and automatic lead assignment.

5)   Lost Sales

Close to 69 per cent of online shopping baskets are abandoned, according to e-commerce research. All is not lost with abandoned purchases thanks to Marketing Automation, we can take them on an intelligent customer journey to help the customer re-consider purchasing. It’s important to exert some effort to try and win them back.


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